Edirol has the Latest Roland Windows 3.1/95/98 and MacOS 8.5 drivers here.

Mike's MIDI Page: home of the VBSYX GS/XG Decoder/Encoder, the XG/GS MIDI Jukebox / Random Patch Generator, GS and XG CWP StudioWare, GS Reset and Plasma Display Editor, GS Play for DOS, and other awesome MIDI goods for GS and XG instruments ... Also check out Mike's AMIX95 - a Windows 95 Enhanced Mixer.

The MIDI Web has a Turbo C++ program in its Programming area,  called SYSKEY, which "makes about 784 Cakewalk SYSEX messages for the Roland GS/SCxxx sound cards."

Artem Melnikov has written an SC88Pro editor for the Mac. To quote the author, "It can manipulate with theoretically any SC88Pro parameters, store presets, send real-time changes to OMS compatible sequencer. I tried it with SC88 and it works fine, maybe it's good with other SCs."

Günter Nagler's Pub has, among other things, a truckload of freeware DOS and Windows midifile manipulation utilities...and a number of these are written especially for GS and XG applications.

PG Music Inc. -- makers of Canvas-ready programs like PowerTracks Pro sequencing software for Windows, the Pianist series, Band-In-A-Box for Windows and Mac.  PG also sells some of Roland's Canvases: SC-50, SC88VL, SC88ST, SC55ST, and SCM-15AT and others.

The Phat-Boy Real-Time MIDI Controller from Keyfax is "a hardware real-time MIDI Controller" that turns Roland Sound Canvases (among others) "into real-time controllable, performance synthesisers."

Cakewalk supports a number of instrument definitions, plus Studioware and .WRK and template files for GS, XG, and GM gear.

Constantinos Vlachos's CanvasEdit '88 Page: Costas offers his amazing SC-88/55 editor for all-comers to try out.

Winjammer sequencing software for Windows .. Support for the Roland Sound Canvas is available through sysex, preassigned (dump requests) and customizable.

Jeff Cazel's Powerjam Systems home page, where you'll find the latest versions of the Canvasman GS editors for W95/NT and 3.1.

The MIDI Quest and Solo Quest editor / librarian software packages (for Windows, Macintosh, Arari, and Amiga) have support for "Roland SC-55, SCC-1 (all GS units), and PMA-5" -- from Sound Quest Inc.

Gary Gregson's SynthEdit Page, featuring Windows and Mac editors for Roland GS and Yamaha XG synths.

Ivo Coenen's Goodies for the SC-88 and SC-88Pro includes the SC88Pro editor: GSAE v2.2, an improved Cakewalk SC-88 Instrument Definition, SC-88 Dump Request Macros, SC-88 Profile for WinSysEx ...

Here at The New XG Home is a .zip archive of tips on using SCEDIT and other programs.  It is provided by Tom Merlin.

Musicator - Sequencer for Windows.  "The finest and most thorough support of GS and XG available."  Includes SC-88Pro insertion effect editors (screenshots one, two, and three)

The Ginosoft MIDI software page, where you can download the GS Editor and the L/A Synth Editor/Librarian for Windows -- Ginosoft WWW Home Page.

The Sound Canvas Pipe Organ Project (SCPOP), by Raffaele Diodati & Filippo Tigli, has patches in .syx and .mid format which faithfully reproduce the textures of various pipe, pedal, and electric organs on SC55 and SC88 compatible synths. See also the SCPOP55 virtual organ for W95, + realtime and sequenced compostions by various contributors. SCPOP has "the only software for the Sound Canvas, able to recreate the true sounds and playing features of the church pipe organs."

ED SC55 Editor for DOS: notes and download.

The Lutheran Hymnal Midi Project by Richard Jordan...New Arrangements for Sound Canvas Pipe Organ (for SC55/88/M-GS64 and compatible).

GSAE GS Advanced Editor v3.05 (demo) ... English not supported in this version.  Note: Kevin Wright has brought to my attention that the main page has a patch that upgrades v3.03 to 3.05, while maintaining English support.

Music Draw is a GS MIDI music composition program for Win 3.1 (from Hitsquad's Shareware Music Machine).

Audition for Windows is a MIDI Sequencer written exclusively for Roland GS and Yamaha XG Synthesizers (Shareware Music Machine).

SC50 Controller for Mac (Hitsquad's Shareware Music Machine).

Chris Hansen's Music Page -- Arranger Keyboard Page with styles for the E86, E96 & G800 plus a discussion page.

Hands On MIDI Software sells the Roland Sound Canvas Editor for Atari and other MIDI products.

Henk J. Schanssema Music Pages has information on The Roland G-800 Arranger Workstation.

Marsha Summers's G-800 Page -- links, tips, and other information on using the G800 arranger / workstation.

Sound Canvas (SC-55) editors and demos (MIDIinMotion).

The MIDI Editor Homepage "the universal MIDI device manager."

Steen's Roland Arranger Forum

Bob Ihrman wrote a program called MIDI Voice Reserve (midiVR) which reports maximum polyphony, voice reserve exceeded, potential lost notes, and more.

SC-155 Emulator for Macintosh (Shareware Music Machine)

G800 & RA800 Electronic_Newsletter -- a monthly online newsletter presented by Bob Richie for G800 & RA800 users.

MIDIBuzz -- an EQ editor for the SC-88Pro, written for the Mac.  The web page is in Japanese, but the program appears to be in English.


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