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The Mission Statement and Brief History of SCUG The Sound Canvas Users Group was formed on the Internet in early 1994 by Paul Stillwell and Greg Evans. The initial idea grew out of a desire to hear what other composers and musicians were doing with the exciting and affordable "Sound Canvas" family of Roland synthesizers.

Who has ever met a composer who didn't want someone to hear his/her music? The Sound Canvas Users Group plays an important role to many people because it provides both a place for composers to get their music heard, and a place to hear original music they would otherwise never hear.

SCUG began with the goal of compiling and releasing collections of NEW and ORIGINAL music for the Roland SoundCanvas by the broadest variety of composers possible, and it continues to do so. Since its humble beginnings, these web pages have evolved. As well, there is a very active LISTSERV electronic mailing list with over 300 subscribers in 30 countries, sharing technical information, experiences and musical ideas.

SCUG may be dwarfed by some of the monstrous offerings you can find on the web, and there are two reasons for this. First is our focus on a specific line of synthesizers, and second is our focus on ORIGINAL musical content. Why would you bother with SCUG when you can find Internet sites with thousands upon thousands of MIDI files? The answer to that question is also the reason why SCUG continues to grow in membership and vitality: because of our focus, composers can create music and be confident that the listener will hear what was intended.

The main thrust of SCUG is music. Music is the best, music is what drives us, music makes us better.

Greg Evans
Bloomington, MN. 1997

Carry- All....ARCHIVES....FAQ....SCUGlite....LINKS....HOME....

"Bach and myself write with an individual performer in mind." Duke Ellington (1899-1974)

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