Tom's Dune MP3's (and more!)

No, not the band Dune!  These MP3's are from the old adventure/RTS game Dune.  I created them by playing the music with the original game using a Sound Blaster Pro and recording it from a different computer with a Sound Blaster Live! and CoolEdit 2000.  Finally, I used AudioCatalyst 2.1 to encode the MP3's.  In my opinion, this music represents the pinnacle of FM synthesis on PC's.  I challenge you to find better quality FM synth work on a PC!  This music, written by Stephane Picq, takes full advantage of what FM had to offer.  I think you'll be impressed.

I've taken the liberty of naming these files according to how they were used in the game.  The original filenames are available in the Comments section of the ID3 tag and are shown in parentheses below.

Click on the disk icons to download each track.

  1. Introduction (wormsuit) - 6:32

  2. Arakeen Palace (arrakis) - 5:37

  3. Ornithopter (warsong) - 2:07

  4. Sietch Tuek (sietchm) - 1:29

  5. Map (sekence) - 3:32

  6. Water of Life (water) - 2:23

  7. Sietch Tabr (bagdad) - 3:08

  8. Deep Desert (wormintr) - 2:51

  9. Morning Sunrise (morning) - 3:28

If you're running Windows and you have a Sound Blaster Live! or other sound card that lets you use its wave output as a recording source (it's called "Wave" or "What U Hear" or something similar), you might want to try seeing what some of this music looks like.  It's pretty interesting.  You can use my little spectrum analyzer program, downloadable from my Programming Projects page.

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