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Table of Contents About the SoundCanvas Users Group

How do I find and retrieve the SCUG Archives

Submitting songs for the Archives
Mailing Instructions for PC Users
Mailing Instructions for MAC Users

Is the SC-55 lost to SC-88 users?
SCUG compatibility guide by Bob Greaves
Bob Ihrman's Patch Maps Comparisons


Contacting us


What is the SoundCanvas User's Group anyway?

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The SoundCanvas Users group was started on the Internet and CompuServe by Greg Evans & Paul Stillwell. The initial idea grew out of a desire to hear what other composers and musicians were doing with this exciting and affordable synth. Please also see our Mission Statement.

The main goal of the group is to compile and release in one archive a collection of new and original music written specifically for the SoundCanvas.

By inviting as many composers as possible to participate we will be making available, to those who are interested, new and possibly interesting musical creations. The only real rule for the group is that the music MUST be original.

So, if you're sequencing Guns-n-Roses covers, take them somewhere else! Beyond that, anything that can be played back on a SoundCanvas is fair game. i.e.Techno/rock/orchestral/jazz/weirdness/minimal ism/blues/country/blah/blah/blah are all welcome as long as it's original.. BIAB accompaniments are NOT considered original, as a real composer did not write everything.

The group is managed by Gary Agnew, Xavier Delorme, and David Peters

How do I find and retrieve the SCUG Archives? The SCUG Archives can be retrieved at the Archives page. From there you can download the .ZIP files containing the archives.

There are currently 16 SCUG compilations that you can download and new releases should occur every 2-3 months or so. They will be announced on the SCUG-List, of course, and on USENET in Solicitations/requests for material will also be posted in these areas.

How do I Submit Music for the SCUG Archives?

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Submissions are no longer being accepted.

Acknowledgements We would like to thank so many people for allowing us to use information from their excellent documents and articles pertaining to the SoundCanvas family of synths. Some of these articles can be received by sending a request to the mail server in the manner described here, or by visiting the Canvas Carry-All site for a wealth of information and help utilities. If you benefit from one or more of these excellent articles/utilities please let the author know.

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"Music is a beautiful opiate, if you don't take it too seriously." Henry Miller (1891-1980)

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